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29 / 29 is 1 big Mistery: you, me or …Badr Hari?

29 per 29 a inceput cam aiurea cand in momentul trecerii de la 23.59 in 28 ianuarie la 00.00 in 29 ianuarie… brusc si fara alte explicatii a picat internetul. Speranţele mele, incercarile de resucitare prin restartare si asteptarea nu au dat roade. Din pacate! Norocul meu ca m-am incadrat cu postarea pentru de data de 28. Ramas fara net m-am pus sa dorm… mai devreme. Un gust amar totusi a ramas… Dimineata am inceput-o mai optimist si cu o melodie foarte optimista… numai buna pentru ziua mea de nastere… 29 per 29 egal unu: un gand ascuns… un vis frumos… o dorinta nespusa… o speranta pentru ca… o inima care sa bata pentru doua… dar cand aceste doua jumatati vor ajunge sa fie una?… one World`s greatest M-istery:

Alt World`s Greatest al K-1 este si:

Badr Hari

Other names The Golden Boy, Bad Boy
Height 1.97 m (6 ft 5+1⁄2 in)
Weight 105 kg (230 lb; 16.5 st)
Style Muay Thai
Team Mike’s Gym (2005-present), Chakuriki Gym (2000-2005), Sitan Gym
Trainer Mike Passenier, Thom Harinck, Mohammed Aït Hassou
Years active 2000–present
Kickboxing record Total     85   Wins     74   By knockout     61

Badr „The Golden Boy” Hari (Arabic: بدر هاري born December 8, 1984 in Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a professional Dutch-Moroccan Heavyweight kickboxer and martial artist, fighting out of Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is a former K-1 Heavyweight champion and K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 finalist. He was disqualified in the final match of the K-1 World GP 2008 Finals due to unsportsmanlike conduct against Remy Bonjasky. On May 16, 2009 he knocked out Semmy Schilt in the first round and became the first ever It’s Showtime World Heavyweight champion.

  • Biography and career

Badr Hari began practicing kickboxing at the age of seven, under the guidance of former World Champion Mousid Akamrane. As a teenager he trained under Mohammed Ait Hassou at the Sitan Gym. When the Sitan Gym moved to Rotterdam, Badr joined the famous Chakuriki Gym ran by Thom Harinck. Under Harinck, Hari developed into one of the greatest kickboxing talents of the Netherlands.

  • K-1 Heavyweight champion

On April 28, at K-1 World GP 2007 in Hawaii, Badr Hari and Yusuke Fujimoto fought for the newly introduced Heavyweight belt. Hari won the fight in 56 seconds with a kick to the chin. With the knockout Hari became the world’s first ever K-1 Heavyweight champion.

Hari got his chance for revenge against Graham in Hong Kong where he dropped Graham with a body punch and won by unanimous decision.

On September 29, 2007 at the K-1 World GP 2007 Final Elimination, Badr Hari beat the K-1 World GP 2007 in Las Vegas tournament champion, Doug Viney, by a second round KO and qualified for his first K-1 World GP Final, held on December 8 in Yokohama, Japan. His winning streak came to an end with a decision loss to Remy Bonjasky, during quarter final.

  • 2008

All of Hari’s wins in 2008 were by knockouts, by beating Ray Sefo in Yokohama, Glaube Feitosa (whom he defended his heavyweight title) in Fukuoka and Domagoj Ostojic in Hawaii. On his next fight in Seoul he qualified for the K-1 World GP 2008 Final by TKO win over the Korean giant Hong Man Choi.

In the quarterfinals on December 6, Hari defeated three time K-1 World champion Peter Aerts by TKO in the second round. Then in semis he knocked out Errol Zimmerman and headed to his first K-1 Final against Remy Bonjasky. After suffering a knockdown in the first, Hari was disqualified in the second round for unsportsmanlike conduct by stomping and punching an already downed Bonjasky. First the referee Nobuaki Kakuda issued a yellow card and one point deduction. Meanwhile Hari proceeded to Bonjasky’s corner shouting, and quarreled with his opponent’s trainer Ivan Hippolyte who then also approached Hari aggressively, but the officials prevented any further physical contact between them. After the five-minute recovery time elapsed, the doctor reported Bonjasky was seeing double and could not continue. Hari was issued a red card and Bonjasky was declared the K-1 World GP 2008 champion.

In later interviews Badr claimed Bonjasky was acting, and that „Remy’s corner was screaming at him to stay down”.

After the event Badr was not suspended for his actions, but K-1 has however stripped him of his heavyweight title and his fee for participation in the tournament.

While there were many rumours of his and his opponent’s participation, it was finally announced that Badr would face MMA Heavyweight Alistair Overeem in a K-1 rules match on K-1’s NYE extravaganza. Hari lost the fight by a left hook KO in the first round within 2 minutes. Part of the fight agreement is that both Badr and Overeem would also fight each other in an MMA match for FEG’s DREAM promotion sometime in 2009. In an interview with Dutch tv station SBS 6 Badr Hari is seen avoiding this match and few people are still believing Hari’s word to enter the contest against Alistair Overeem.

  • 2009

Hari’s first fight in 2009 was against Frederic Sinistra who was not well known at this point and won again by 1st round knockout with his trademark right hand.

In May Hari fought Semmy Schilt in a long-awaited bout for the newly introduced It’s Showtime World Heavyweight title. Hari came out very aggressively and knocked Schilt down twice in the first round. The fight was stopped after the second knockdown and Hari took the heavyweight title in 42 seconds.

At the K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Final 16 Hari again used his trademark right cross to score a first round knockout over Zabit Samedov.

At the selection for the K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Final Hari chose to fight Ruslan Karaev for the third time. At the event Hari used his leg kicks and cross punch to score a total of 4 knockdowns to earn TKO wins over Karaev and Alistair Overeem in a rematch, to make it to the World Grand Prix Final for the second year against Semmy Schilt. In their rematch Hari lost by TKO after being knocked down 3 times in the first round.

  • Titles

2009 K-1 World Grand Prix Runner Up
2009 It’s Showtime World Heavyweight champion
2007-2008 K-1 Heavyweight champion [10]
2002 WPKL Dutch Muay Thai champion

  • Ziua 5… se stie, vine cu 5 lectii Box si K-1, enjoy:

La multi ani… sa fii iubit !?
e-Nicusor L.

P.S. Maine urmeaza si traducerea si alti luptatori de K-1

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  1. You already are…loved….(M…for Mystery):)

  2. La multi, multi ani. Unul mai bun ca altul.
    Sa te vedem cat mai curand inapoi in ring(tone?).

  3. Să înțeleg că, săptămâna asta, e săptămâna de k1?

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