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It`s time… 2 RED ~ 2 english ~ 2 SOMEONE special ~ 2 LOVErs!

TeMa saptaManii ca si aspectul blogului s-a schimbat in negru si rosu… 2 culori. Negru e pentru M(ister) si Rosu pentru iubire… pentru ca e o saptamana speciala: Saptamana Indragostitilor! 😀 Si Mai schimb ceva pe saptamana asta… toate postarile vor fi in engleza, de fapt voi si incepe nuMaratoarea inversa…

Totul e legat de rosul iubiri de…
1 vis…
2 indragostiti…

START-ing… now it`s the red lovers week based on 2 …2 lovers and a special week for soMeone special. Remember black is for M(istery) …girl. And Red is for 2… 2 lovers ~ 2 hearts that beat as one ~ 2 souls that have found each other… and Met… somehow, someway, somewhere else… and 2gether they are stronger. Altough the circumstances aren`t the best… maybe this is Meant 2 be. 2day and every day we`ll spent 2 Make it better…

Start 2 belive and you`ll se there`s a happy ending in any situation. Butt you Must belive in it everytime… Look for the happy ending and Make it happen… it`s all about the way we see things… just by thinking „Everything will be fine!” (TOTUL VA FI BINE!) this way you open up for positive thinking, for new solutions . Somehow you`ll  reach it and than u Must get busy looking for another happy ending… so busy that u forget beeing sad and one day you will look back and see a whole bunch of happy endings …than you`ll know that`s a happy past… Don`t stay there look further for another happy ending …2 the end. An end full of that happy past. Maybe just a crazy ideea… butt this is meant 2 be ~ 2 make u think ~ 2 free ur mind ~ 2 love somebody ~ 2 love songs:

Let`s raise our 2 glases of red wine,

And make a toast
2 red of love
2 black of M(istery)
2 a life full of Happy Endings!
2 us LOVErs!
2 you M(y) dear!

e-Nicusor L.


5 răspunsuri

  1. I raised my glass….2U 😀

  2. Ha ha ha … Bă… vorba cuiva… so mutat youtube-u la tine pe site? 😀 😀 😀 ha ha ha

    • U disapoint me my friend… good thing that love is kind… and amost blind. I let you get away with this one, although I espected more from you than a bad gosip from someone else… next comment for this week must be in english and at the subject not gosspiing… hmmm!

  3. My friend… love is not kind… is pain .. is suffering … disappointment…

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