It`s time… 2 lose myself… 2 find YOU… 2 be happy!

Saddness and happyness it`s just in our heads. It comes from what we expect. When we hope 2 Much… we very often go sad if this doesn`t occur. It happend 2 me… it happend 2 you 2. I bet! The hope is not bad, 2 go sad and depresed it is! You Must find a way 2 get out of this saddnes. Almost happend 2 Me today… some complications and the bad weather took you away from Me. Me! This selffish ME! This is the probleM i 1st thought about what I have done… almost forgot about how u feel about it. It`s not the distance that hold us togheter… it`s the love. And LOVE IS KIND! Love doesn`t know the distance. I know just you and me… 2gheter …althoug away …we are stronger. It`s not our fault about the bad weather or the things that happen. But it`s our fault if we let it destroy our… our love. I know we made plans, we almost felt our breath, our heart beat… To many expectations made me lose myself. I`m lost… good thing that i found something better in my heart YOU. And You is all i need… and 2 be happy is what i want… desipte any distance… So when you are happy I am happy… I found you… and Everything is fine! And Everything will be fine! When we meet 2… Till than you are allways in my heart!

5th day and 2 lovers almost lost, butt found again, makes 10 love songs:

I`m happy… Thanks 2 YOU!
e-Nicusor L.


3 răspunsuri

  1. ……….. m-am speriat cand am vazut ce ai pe blog. am crezut ca s-a mutat youtube-ul la tine pe pagina

    • Just don’t look than… fuck off! Who cares? 1st mistake: in romanian…. 2nd mistake bad gosip words… 3rd mistake u caugth me in a bad mood. I don`t need that kind of visitors so …FUCK OFF my friend! …till you have better words 2 say… OK?

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