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It`s time… 2 pick up the pieces… 2 wait… 2 be strong!

I`m broken in to pieces… I feel like a puzzle with pieces scatered on an eMpty bed, in an eMpty house, in an eMpty snowed city, in an eMmpty world… I try 2 put Myself 2gheter… butt i can`t! Just one person, one special person can put Me togheter again. One carefull hand can pick up those pieces and Make Me whole. You my Mystery girl… You can put Me back, your presence, your carefull hand can put back those pieces back 2gheter. Every piece of me screams your name… COME put me back 2gheter! Without you I`m  just another broken puzzle on an eMpty bed…waiting  …sleeping.

And I’ve sleept a lot today… the thought that you should be here was hurting me… that we should be in the same bed! So i`ve slept having just one dream … YOU CAME and started 2 put back the pieces of My puzzle, of My soul… I feel like going 2 sleep back again… 2 find you, 2 find My soul again… Butt 4 now it`s just a dream… a sweet dream.

So we’ve reached 6th day and 2 lovers… makes 12 love songs for 1 love… our love… 2 enjoy:

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