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Red day… fara sare doar cu multa pasiune!

Azi 23 februarie 2010… e a doua zi de preparari coolinare pe cooloarea data. Am inceput prin unele cumparaturi cum ar fi: sfecla rosie, ceapa, o cutie de fasole alba cu chilli si o conserva de salata de somon. Am cam stat mult in piata, si era cam distractiv sa vezi cum se tot ridicau si ma imbiau vanzatorii cu produsele lor in timp ce eu vorbeam la telefon cu M(istery) D. Inspiratia mea dulce in tot ceea ce fac… Am urcat la apartament si dupa cateva ore de munci la renovarea camerei am trecut si la partea de creatie coolinara…

Am fiert sfecla in apa, am curatat-o si am taiat-o felii intr-un bol de plastic, cu ocazia asta mi-am inrosit si toate mainile (cele 2 ca nu am mai multe, desi uneori ar fi nevoie). A urmat conserva de fasole alba cu chilli sa fie turnata peste sfecla rosie, conserva de salata de somon cu mazare si alte legume… Si totusi ceva parca ii mai lipsea preparatul pentru a-i da mai mult gust… Ceapa alba feliata, my style, presarata si amestecata bine bine cu restul compozitiei… Din bolul respectiv pun totul in alt bol ceramic si un pic ciobit si incep sa ornamentez totul cu felii de sfecla rosie… Arata bine, fac ceva poze si ma pun sa mananc. DA, un lucru important, preparatele mele sunt comestibile, chiar foarte gustoase, bn ca acum gusturile nu se discuta. Oricum sunt mai sanatoase decat orice alte retete de mancaruri gatite cu ulei si tot felul de prajeli, chiar daca pentru cea de azi am deschis cam multe conserve…

Oh, scuze e 02 martie 2010… Deci o saptamana dupa „Somonul din fasolea sfeclita” by e-Nicusor L…

It`s time… 2 lose myself… 2 find YOU… 2 be happy!

Saddness and happyness it`s just in our heads. It comes from what we expect. When we hope 2 Much… we very often go sad if this doesn`t occur. It happend 2 me… it happend 2 you 2. I bet! The hope is not bad, 2 go sad and depresed it is! You Must find a way 2 get out of this saddnes. Almost happend 2 Me today… some complications and the bad weather took you away from Me. Me! This selffish ME! This is the probleM i 1st thought about what I have done… almost forgot about how u feel about it. It`s not the distance that hold us togheter… it`s the love. And LOVE IS KIND! Love doesn`t know the distance. I know just you and me… 2gheter …althoug away …we are stronger. It`s not our fault about the bad weather or the things that happen. But it`s our fault if we let it destroy our… our love. I know we made plans, we almost felt our breath, our heart beat… To many expectations made me lose myself. I`m lost… good thing that i found something better in my heart YOU. And You is all i need… and 2 be happy is what i want… desipte any distance… So when you are happy I am happy… I found you… and Everything is fine! And Everything will be fine! When we meet 2… Till than you are allways in my heart!

5th day and 2 lovers almost lost, butt found again, makes 10 love songs:

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It`s time… 2 a story… 2 tired so… 4th day and 2 lovers makes …8th love songs story!

In the morning Together We Cryed

…and Thinking of you

…I made a Sweet Sacrifice

…butt When love takes over

…Nothing Else Matters

…so I`m Waiting For Tonight

…If Nobody Believed In You I did


so Everything will be fine!

e-Nicusor L.

It`s time… 4 us… 4 our dream 2 become real… 2gheter… SOON!

I alMost fall asleep this night… woke up and felt that something… SOmEONE… is Missing. I looked at the clock, it`s 2 late… Started waking up: YOU are Missing. In a heartbeat i looked for you… I found you in My heart… After that i saw you and give Me …THE NEWS. 2gheter… SOON!!! I thought i Must be dreaming… Just a tooth ache and a sMall fleshwound on My hand from hitting the sack told Me it`s a dreaM come true.  The sMall pains Made Me realize I`M awake… 2gheter and for real… wonderfull dream. Or is it just a dream? Not for long… WOW! Can`t write Much now, you took My words and seal theM with a kiss of love… Now I will close My eyes and you …you are here… I can alMost touch you, feel you… I Must be Mad and I think I’M going Maddy… Wonderfull fealing…
2 all eternity…
2 a kiss…
2 a dream come true…
so don`t wake Me up!…
till your here in my arms…

2nd day with 2 love you… Makes 4 love songs and 1 story… our story:

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It`s time… 2 RED ~ 2 english ~ 2 SOMEONE special ~ 2 LOVErs!

TeMa saptaManii ca si aspectul blogului s-a schimbat in negru si rosu… 2 culori. Negru e pentru M(ister) si Rosu pentru iubire… pentru ca e o saptamana speciala: Saptamana Indragostitilor! 😀 Si Mai schimb ceva pe saptamana asta… toate postarile vor fi in engleza, de fapt voi si incepe nuMaratoarea inversa…

Totul e legat de rosul iubiri de…
1 vis…
2 indragostiti…

START-ing… now it`s the red lovers week based on 2 …2 lovers and a special week for soMeone special. Remember black is for M(istery) …girl. And Red is for 2… 2 lovers ~ 2 hearts that beat as one ~ 2 souls that have found each other… and Met… somehow, someway, somewhere else… and 2gether they are stronger. Altough the circumstances aren`t the best… maybe this is Meant 2 be. 2day and every day we`ll spent 2 Make it better…

Start 2 belive and you`ll se there`s a happy ending in any situation. Butt you Must belive in it everytime… Look for the happy ending and Make it happen… it`s all about the way we see things… just by thinking „Everything will be fine!” (TOTUL VA FI BINE!) this way you open up for positive thinking, for new solutions . Somehow you`ll  reach it and than u Must get busy looking for another happy ending… so busy that u forget beeing sad and one day you will look back and see a whole bunch of happy endings …than you`ll know that`s a happy past… Don`t stay there look further for another happy ending …2 the end. An end full of that happy past. Maybe just a crazy ideea… butt this is meant 2 be ~ 2 make u think ~ 2 free ur mind ~ 2 love somebody ~ 2 love songs:

Let`s raise our 2 glases of red wine,

And make a toast
2 red of love
2 black of M(istery)
2 a life full of Happy Endings!
2 us LOVErs!
2 you M(y) dear!

e-Nicusor L.