Unwritten and untold… not anymore!

A trecut ceva timp… timp in care am retrait totul. Am retrait amintirile frumoase ale intalnirii noastre, ale clipelor traite impreuna cu o intensitate neegalata decat prin ceea ce am simtit in momentul cand am fost impeuna. Acum tu iMi esti departe… fizic vorbind. Dar prin amintiri si prin ceea ce simt, simtim, esti mai aproape decat oricand. IMi este un pic greu sa nu te pot atinge, sa nu pot privi de la albatru la caprui in timp ce iti inspir aerul si parfumul tau fiind  doar la un sarut  distanta, sa ma pot juca in parul tau golden and fluffly. A fost un weekend de neuitat. Mi-ai redat fericirea pe care o creusem pierduta! Distanta fizica nu poate fi micsorata, momentan, si inteleg asta. Dar prin iubirea ce ti-o port  imi esti aproape. Fiecare avem momente de indoiala, de nesiguranta, de tristete,  dar avem altceva mult mai puternic, un tramament sigur impotriva melancoliei si tristetii… each other si orice s-ar intampla I`ll be there for You forever…

What i feel for you is much more… Some parts remain Unwritten… but felt in my heart…

You are… M(y) everything… M(y) wonderfull girl…

Dupa un weekend minunat… alaturi de o persoana minunata, thank you M(y) wonderful girl  …am luat o mica pauza de „respiro”.  Chiar si acum inca it`s hard 2 ketchup 😉 dar incerc… Amintirile din weekendul aceasta nu-mi prea lasa timp de altceva. Inceput de vineri noaptea m-a obosit intr-un mod cat se poate de placut. Stiind ca timpul era cam limitat, am „chiulit” de la munca si n-am prea pierdut vremea cu somnul… Ce pot spune, caci nu vreau sa intru in prea multe detalii, este ca a fost frumos. Ba nu! A fost extraordinar de frumos. Prima data dupa mai multi ani am fost cu adevarat fericit…. Wonderfull moments shared with a wondefull girl… you are M(y) everything….

Thank You  my wonderful girl for the moments we shared 2gheter…

It`s time… 2 lose myself… 2 find YOU… 2 be happy!

Saddness and happyness it`s just in our heads. It comes from what we expect. When we hope 2 Much… we very often go sad if this doesn`t occur. It happend 2 me… it happend 2 you 2. I bet! The hope is not bad, 2 go sad and depresed it is! You Must find a way 2 get out of this saddnes. Almost happend 2 Me today… some complications and the bad weather took you away from Me. Me! This selffish ME! This is the probleM i 1st thought about what I have done… almost forgot about how u feel about it. It`s not the distance that hold us togheter… it`s the love. And LOVE IS KIND! Love doesn`t know the distance. I know just you and me… 2gheter …althoug away …we are stronger. It`s not our fault about the bad weather or the things that happen. But it`s our fault if we let it destroy our… our love. I know we made plans, we almost felt our breath, our heart beat… To many expectations made me lose myself. I`m lost… good thing that i found something better in my heart YOU. And You is all i need… and 2 be happy is what i want… desipte any distance… So when you are happy I am happy… I found you… and Everything is fine! And Everything will be fine! When we meet 2… Till than you are allways in my heart!

5th day and 2 lovers almost lost, butt found again, makes 10 love songs:

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It`s time… 2 a story… 2 tired so… 4th day and 2 lovers makes …8th love songs story!

In the morning Together We Cryed

…and Thinking of you

…I made a Sweet Sacrifice

…butt When love takes over

…Nothing Else Matters

…so I`m Waiting For Tonight

…If Nobody Believed In You I did


so Everything will be fine!

e-Nicusor L.

It`s time… 2 wait… 2 think… 2 belive… Everything will be fine!

Everything will be fine! …i keep saying 2 Myself …SoMe bad weather news on the radio, Made some negative thoughts apear… How is Meant 2 be will be… you always say… i added… Everything will be fine! …somehow …somewhere …hoped it will be soon! The weather seem 2 be against it fro now. So it`s time… 2 wait… 2 hope for the best… 2 belive in… Everything will be fine!

This negative thougths almost got 2 Me, butt how i said yesterday… Love is kind… I know that instead of worring about you 2 Make this unsafe trip here, I we can wait and meet another day… somehow …somewhere else maybe. You beeing safer Means More 2 Me than 2 risk a snowing in…

Everything will be fine! …we will be 2gheter when it`s meant 2 be.

3rd day… and 2 lovers equals 6 love songs and continue our story…

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Belive in a Happy Ending si… TOTUL VA FI BINE!

E un Happy Ending…

…e duminica, final de saptamana. Eu merg in continuare cu procedurile de recuperare fizica, cu sala si cu temele saptamanale. Iar in legatura cu recuperarile mentale… TOTUL VA FI BINE! Patru cuvinte cu putere daca crezi in ele, ele te ajuta sa crezi intr-un final fericit in orice situatie…

Ziua 7 …TOTUL VA FI BINE! in mai multe limbi si…
7 clipuri cu cantece pe aceasta tema…

Всичко ще се оправи (bulgarian)

一切都会好 (chinese)

Sve će biti u redu (croatian)

Tutto andrà bene  (italian)

كل شيء سيكون على ما يرام (arabic)

Všechno bude v pořádku (czech)

Kaikki on hyvin (finnish)

Все будет хорошо (russian)

Alt vil være fint (danish)

Alles zal in orde (dutch)

tout ira bien (french)

Wszystko będzie dobrze (polish)

όλα θα είναι εντάξει (greek)

הכל יהיה בסדר (hebrew)

सब कुछ ठीक हो जाएगा (hindi)

Alles Wird Gut (german)

すべてがうまくいく  (japanese)

다 괜찮을거야 (korean)

Todo estará bien (spanish)

Alt vil bli bra (norwegian)

Tudo vai ficar bem (portuguese)

Allt kommer bli bra (swedish)

Everything will be fine (english) or…

Everything Will Be Alright!
Pentru ca…

e-Nicusor L.